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Amelia Earhart Elementary School

August 31st at 6:30 PM is our first Parent Night. It is a special night with brownies and ice cream. We hope you all will come. We will start in the gym to go over some Title 1 information and a report on things happening at the school. After that, we will have breakout sessions where you will be able to go with your child’s teacher to learn about specific things happening in your child’s classroom, homework expectations, behavioral expectations, and things the students will focus on learning this year. A couple of important items will be : 1) Guaranteed Essentials — These are the things that are most critical for your child to learn this year in school. We are calling it guaranteed because if your child does not learn it the first or second time, they will continue to receive help with the concept because it is so essential for their success. 2) Learning Target Journals — Each week your student will be working on evaluating their own learning performance, and recording in on an age[appropriate form created by each grade level team. We are asking that they come home once a week with this form and discuss with you how they did. This will be a good chance for you to know what your students are learning and how well they are doing. 3) Homework and other expectations from each teacher. We are hoping this will clarify what teachers expect and help your child be successful. As you can se, this is a very important night and we hope all of you will attend!

Sincerely, Mr. McCarty (Principal, Amelia Earhart Elementary)


Parents of Amelia Earhart, For those who were on Free and Reduced Lunch last year, and have not signed up this year, the "grace period" will end on Sept. 28th.  Please make sure you re-apply...

Our Aviator and RISE Praise book winners for September 11 – September 15, 2023 have been working so hard and are doing a great job of representing our AVIATOR (As a good learner, I Value...

Mrs. Schlepp's class did a bowling math review in preparation for their place value math test this week. The number of pins knocked down related to the type of question the class reviewed. Only one...