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Amelia Earhart Elementary School

Last modified: December 8, 2022

What Are the Goals of Title I?

Help students to achieve academic success in Reading/Language Arts and Mathematics

Amelia Earhart Elementary addresses this need by providing Tiered Instructional time dedicated to ensuring student success and growth in targeted skills. We identify Essential Skills and intervene with support on skills not mastered.  Our school provides 2.5 hours of literacy Instruction and 1.5 hours of Math instruction each day with 1 hour dedicated to essential skills in Literacy and .5 hours dedicated to math essential skills.  (See School Improvement Plan below for more details on ways we are working to improve students achievement)

  • Increase student performance in high poverty schools through school-wide reform

Amelia Earhart Elementary has addresses this goal in our School Improvement Plan below for more below. 

  • Enhance parents’ abilities to help their children succeed through quality parental involvement activities

Amelia Earhart Elementary addresses this goal by providing  Grade Level  parent activities throughout the year to help parents and students work together. We also host 2 school-wide parent activities to support parent engagement in the learning of their child.