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Amelia Earhart Elementary School

Parents of Amelia Earhart,

1.  We would like to share some important information about our Earhart Literacy Community.  The purpose of this program is to increase students’ love of reading by introducing a new book each month from different genres, focusing on different topics, to help students sample a broad range of literature.

Here is a link to a webpage that has an intro video on the program, as well as a list of the books for this year, and links (if you click on the book title) to introductory launch lessons for the books we have already introduced this year.

2.  In addition, in our October PTA meeting, some parents suggested that we look into Pizza Hut’s Book-it Program. For this program, all students who meet a monthly reading goal can earn a certificate for a free Personal Pan Pizza.

If you would like to have your child opt into this program, please email Jaime Oldham ( We will then get back to you with more information on the details of the program and the next steps to participating.



Parents of Amelia Earhart, 1. End-of-Year State Testing (RISE) starts this upcoming week for 4th - 6th-grade students.  (3rd Grade Starts the following week).  Our testing sessions are for 1 hour...

Our Aviator and RISE Praise book winners for April 15-19, 2024 have been working so hard and are doing a great job of representing our AVIATOR (As a good learner, I Value Collaboration. I Persevere...

Parents of Amelia Earhart, This year class requests will be a little different.  In an effort to make balancing classes (with behavioral, academic needs, special education needs, etc...) our number...