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Amelia Earhart Elementary School

Parents of Amelia Earhart,

1.  Our Earhart Literacy Community was featured in Superintendent Dau’s Podcast.  Take a listen! (Special thanks to Miss Tobler and Olivia).

2.  The Earhart Literacy Community would like to remind families that you can donate ELC books to classrooms by paying the cost of one of the books at the office with Mrs. Mecham. You can pick from the options displayed and our school accepts cash, card, or check. You will also get to sign a sticker that says “Donated by” (student or family name) and pick the teacher to whom the book is donated. This is a wonderful way to leave a legacy for your family and get more high-quality books into the classrooms. Thanks for supporting our Earhart Literacy Community!

3.  Save the Date for our School Carnival on October 13th.  See the flyer below.  More info to come!

4.  Amelia Earhart, with the support of our District Student Services, has taken some important steps towards keeping our students safe that we would like to share.  Our school has the Raptor Visitor Management System to ensure that each adult is checked in after scanning their ID and has a badge while in the building.  This also allows us to have a locked entry at all times.  We have a notification system if doors are ever accidentally left open or propped to make sure we have security at all times.  In addition, our exterior windows have a special film that makes them resistant to shattering for up to 5 minutes against gunfire.  We also have many cameras inside and outside of the school.  If you would ever like to meet to discuss our safety measures for our students, please feel free to email Mr. McCarty or call the office.  See below a link to additional info on security measures:

5.  Please see the flyer below for a District “Digital for Good” information night.  


Parents of Amelia Earhart, 1. End-of-Year State Testing (RISE) starts this upcoming week for 4th - 6th-grade students.  (3rd Grade Starts the following week).  Our testing sessions are for 1 hour...

Our Aviator and RISE Praise book winners for April 15-19, 2024 have been working so hard and are doing a great job of representing our AVIATOR (As a good learner, I Value Collaboration. I Persevere...

Parents of Amelia Earhart, This year class requests will be a little different.  In an effort to make balancing classes (with behavioral, academic needs, special education needs, etc...) our number...