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Amelia Earhart Elementary School

Parents of Amelia Earhart,

This year class requests will be a little different.  In an effort to make balancing classes (with behavioral, academic needs, special education needs, etc…) our number one goal, we won’t be able to honor as many requests as we have in the past.  Having some grades with only two teachers further increases the need for equitable and balanced classes.

Please send any requests to by May 1st (the last day they will be accepted).

Two factors will determine if the parent requests are more likely to be considered:

  1. If there are specific needs of your child that you feel match up with the specific skills of a certain teacher.  Please write in detail for us to understand these needs and how the requested teacher will help meet those needs.
  2. Parents who serve on the PTA leadership board, or PTA Committee Chairs.  If you want to volunteer for more PTA involvement in these positions for next year, please email Beth Reeves (current PTA President) at and Jordan Graves (Next Year PTA President) at

Please reach out to me ( if you have any other questions.

Here is the list of Teachers by grade for next year:

  • Kindergarten – Mrs. Holman, Mrs. Searcy, Miss Davidson (will have a new name)
  • 1st Grade – Mrs. Smout, Miss Jex, Mrs. Wood
  • 2nd Grade -Mrs. Schlepp, Miss Kovacs
  • 3rd Grade – Miss Tobler, Mrs, Dewey
  • 4th Grade – Mrs. Lavallee, Mrs. Meyer, Miss Yellowhair
  • 5th Grade – Miss Davis, Mrs. Preston
  • 6th Grade – Mrs. Arnold, Mrs. Walton
  • Behavioral Support Classes – Mrs. Hirz, Miss Murray



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