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In light of the current state wide closures, we want to provide you with an updated schedule with district cancellations and still undetermined events. Throughout this unprecedented situation students and parents can expect teachers to continue to provide learning on the most important grade level content while also maintaining a personal relationship for learning. This will primarily be accomplished through the use of online learning. Through this remote learning we know the learning experience will be very different and will require a strong school and home partnerships. Please contact your child’s teacher/school to understand specific schedules and assignments.

Daily Schedule

Grab and Go breakfast and lunch will continue to be provided on each eLearning day and on Monday – Friday during Spring Break.  Beginning the week of Spring Break, and continuing through the remainder of the dismissal period, lunch will be served at 9 locations due to staffing and demand concerns.   For a complete list of locations, please visit

  • March 28-29 – Weekend
  • March 30 – April 3 – eLearning days for students
  • April 4-12 – Spring Break – Spring Break will be held as currently scheduled.  No online class sessions will take place during Spring Break.

  • April 13-17 – eLearning days for students
  • April 18-19 – Weekend
  • April 20-24 – eLearning days for students
  • April 25-26 – Weekend
  • April 27 – May 1 -eLearning days for students
  • May 2-3 – Weekend

Many activities and events have also been affected by the school dismissal.  The following sections outline what has been cancelled or postponed so far, and what events and practices are being studied for action in the near future.


  • Student and employee travel
  • End of year testing
  • Dixon’s Washington DC Trip
  • Suspension of all spring activities and athletics, including practices.


  • The Foundation Easter Basket Auction fundraiser is postponed until further notice.  Donations and auction items are still being accepted in Student Services and we anticipate rescheduling when similar gathering are allowable again.

Under Consideration/Undetermined:

  • Graduations
  • Grading Practices
  • Camp Big Springs
  • The Foundation Evening of Excellence
  • The Foundation Golf Tournament
  • CAS (Center for Accelerated Studies) Open Houses

Amelia Earhart Announcements

Mrs. Nuttall’s Mental Health Resources

Mrs. Nuttall has compiled some important mental and emotional health resources to help during this changing and difficult times. CLICK HERE to go to Mrs. Nuttall's site.

Amelia Earhart News

In light of the current state wide closures, we want to provide you with an updated schedule with district cancellations and still undetermined events. Throughout this unprecedented situation...

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