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January is often a time of self-reflection and goal setting. I would like to recommend a goal that can last all year and even longer. I encourage each parent to make a goal to read with each child every day. Schedules may vary, but I find it best if you can set aside a specific time each day. For me, I have found that the best time is right after my kids brush their teeth and before they go to bed. I have 3 kids (Jackson, Miley, and Katelyn), and I try and read with each one in their bed before they go to sleep. Other times may work better for you depending on your circumstance, but making a written goal, time, and talking about it with your kids will help you to stick with it. One thing that I have done to make it fun for my oldest 2 kids who are reading chapter books (2nd and 5th graders) is to go and pick a book out together, and get 2 copies of the book. That way we take turns reading, but each have our own copy to read. I have found that it not only has improved my children’s reading abilities, but has also helped me to connect individually with my kids as we discuss the novel together and share ideas and connections about the book. Sincerely,

Mr. McCarty Principal, Amelia Earhart Elementary