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Hello students and parents. I hope that everyone has had a great summer. I am so excited to start another year, and I know it will be a fantastic one. I wanted to let you know about something we are doing to help build more active and reflective students. For those in attendance last year at my meet the principal night, I talked about how I wanted to help students have more ownership in their own education. If you ask your child what he/she learned in school today, what is the most common response? “I don’t know.” We are working to foster students who actively participate in their education through self-evaluation. One tool that teacher’s will be using this next year is Learning Target Journals. Grade levels have worked together to create what works for their students. The intent is that this will give students an opportunity to be reflective and self-assess their progress on the learning targets for that day or week. Our goal is that one a week students will go over their learning target journal with their parents and explain how they have done at meeting the learning target goals by their own evaluation. We hope this can turn into a dialogue between parent and child about their progress towards their learning goals. This will be further discussed at our Parent Night on September 1st at 6:00. That night teachers will also have time to talk about behavioral expectations in class, homework, etc….Please plan on attending this important event. I look forward to seeing your kids and working with them to meet their individual needs.

Sincerely, Ryan McCarty