Last week we officially launched our January Book of the Month for the Earhart Society.  This month’s book is “What Do You Do With an Idea?”

Our lower grade students were able to read the book together and then explore ideas using motion and illustration. The students were able to explore shapes and movement with Mrs. Pace as they expressed different the emotions felt by the character as he was developing his idea.  They then worked together to form shapes.  The students were also given squiggle art that they had to create an idea with.  Their creativity shined!

Our upper grade students spent their time in teams. They developed each other ideas with a quick draw where each team member had 2 minutes to add to the drawing of another team member.  In the end they had created a team idea and drawing showing the thoughts and ideas of all.  They also had to work together to generate a plan of how to build a tower using only the elastic and string provided.  Their teamwork and collaboration paid off as all teams were able to complete their towers!

It was a great morning spent developing ideas and reading our book of the month! Way to go Aviators!