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Amelia Earhart Elementary School

Each month Mr. McCarty has a Principal’s Aviator and Rise Praise Party.  The selected students are able to spend time with Principal McCarty where they discuss the books they are reading, how school is going, and get to have a special treat.  Check out this month’s participants.

How do these students get selected?  They are chosen from all the students that month who have received one of our Aviator or RISE praise notes from their teacher or another staff member.  The praise notes highlight when a student has shown in their actions an example of being a good learner or following our RISE characteristics of Respect, Integrity, Safety, or Empathy. The praise notes have three copies: one is kept by the teacher, one is sent home to parents, and the third is placed in a clear box where that student is now eligible to have their praise note read over the announcements, receive a copy of one of our Earhart Society books, and possibly be drawn for the Principal’s party at the end of the month.

We love the chance to celebrate our Aviators the Rise and we hope you can celebrate your students too. Keep your eye out for those praise notes coming home!

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Parents of Amelia Earhart, 1. End-of-Year State Testing (RISE) starts this upcoming week for 4th - 6th-grade students.  (3rd Grade Starts the following week).  Our testing sessions are for 1 hour...

Our Aviator and RISE Praise book winners for April 15-19, 2024 have been working so hard and are doing a great job of representing our AVIATOR (As a good learner, I Value Collaboration. I Persevere...

Parents of Amelia Earhart, This year class requests will be a little different.  In an effort to make balancing classes (with behavioral, academic needs, special education needs, etc...) our number...