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Last modified: December 8, 2022

Arnold, Leanne

What exactly is the STEM Fair?

STEM FAIR: DEC. 14, 2018

The purpose of the Amelia Earhart STEM Fair (formerly known as the Science & Engineering Fair) is to provide students with the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired in class to real-world problems and/or needs and to share their knowledge with their peers and the community.

  1. Keeping a notebook or journal of the entire project (a spiral bound notebook or composition book)
  2. Identifying a problem or question to work on (Use the list of 200 ideas to help you get an idea)
  3. Researching background information relating to the chosen topic (use Sparticle and Google Science)
  4. Designing an experiment to investigate the question or a solution to the problem (Watch the NASA videos below to help you)
  5. Carefully following the experimental design (scientific method) or proposed solution (Watch the NASA videos below to help you)
  6. Collecting data and information during testing (use your science journal to keep track)
  7. Analyzing the data that was collected (create a graph of your data to help)
  8. Drawing conclusions based on the data that was collected (What did find out from your experiment)
  9. Determining if the question has been definitively answered or if the solution is the best possible one to the problem
  10. Revisiting the question or problem and determining if a different experimental design or solution would provide better results
  11. Repeating this process until the best possible answer(s) or solution(s) have been found
  12. Presenting the information gained in a manner that is understandable and neat (Watch the NASA video below and look at ‘How to design a board’)
  13. Answering questions from judges and practicing speaking and listening skills (Look at the Judging Rubric on the left)
  14. Enjoying the process!!!!

The STEM fair is a tremendous opportunity for students to explore the world around them and apply what they have learned. We are excited to see all of the tremendous creativity and ingenuity of the students in our district. We encourage you to work closely with your student’s teachers to help them be successful.