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We have a NEW enrollment form for After School Spring 2020 that we sent out earlier this month.  This new form is required before students will be allowed to participate in After School.  Even if you filled out an enrollment form for the Fall, we need the form filled out for this semester. Students must choose the classes they’ll be participating in.

If students come to After School without a form filled out they will be sent home, if necessary parents will be contacted to pick up their children.

We welcome all to participate in After School, however, we do need to be able to plan ahead for snack and lesson planning as well as making sure parents have agreed to their children attending After School.

Attached are the forms in English and Spanish.  Feel free to reach out with any questions.  I can be reached at 801-210-8104, or at

Thank you!



Tenemos un NUEVO formulario de inscripción para After School Spring 2020 que enviamos a principios de este mes.  Se requiere este nuevo formulario antes de que los estudiantes puedan participar en After School.  Incluso si completó un formulario de inscripción para el otoño, necesitamos que se complete el formulario para este semestre. Los estudiantes deben elegir las clases en las que participarán.

Damos la bienvenida a todos para que participen en After School, sin embargo, debemos poder planificar con anticipación la merienda y la planificación de las lecciones, así como asegurarnos de que los padres hayan aceptado que sus hijos asistan a After School.

Se adjuntan los formularios en inglés y español.

No dude en comunicarse con cualquier pregunta, 801-210-8104,



After School Form in English

After School Form in Spanish


Parents of Amelia Earhart, As a reminder, there is no school tomorrow (March 14th), due to teacher professional development. On March 17th we will be sending home envelopes from our PTA for a...